Covid-19 Protocol Update – 8 (Mid-Summer)

Dear Scouts, Scouters, and Friends,

I promised that I would do a regular update on the Covid-19 situation regardless of whether guidelines or protocols had changed.

With the Delta Variant making headlines around the country, it is expected that many will wonder what the current guidelines are and how we should plan our activities for our Scouts. SCOUTINGWIRE is an official on-line publication of the BSA and is sent to all registered volunteers. Hopefully your troop or pack leaders have seen this publication and have reviewed the BSA messaging regarding Covid.  To narrow it down some, the guidance from the BSA is in line with the past several protocol updates we have sent to our membership here in the Voyageurs Area Council. Guidelines and recommendations have not changed since the beginning of the Summer. If you are fully vaccinated you may choose to participate both indoors and outdoors without wearing a face covering. If you are not fully vaccinated we respectfully recommend and request that you wear a face covering indoors and that you consider doing so outdoors.

The three states we operate in; Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan – have all lifted their mask mandates for those who are fully vaccinated. Our guidelines and recommendations continue as we have stated. Please remember that vaccines are net yet available for our Cub Scouts or for first year Scouts. We also have learned from the Minnesota Department of Health that a significant percentage of Scouts BSA youth in the state have not yet been vaccinated.

Given these facts we continue to recommend vigilance. We are not yet in the clear with respect to Covid-19. Please continue to exercise good hygiene and cleanliness protocols during all of your meetings, outings, and adventures. Also, please continue to respect all of your Scouts and families and the decisions they are making for their own welfare.

I hope for the best for all of us.  I hope the Summer has been full of excitement and adventure for every Scout and that all are staying safe.

Warmest regards,

Michael Jenkins, Scout Executive