Covid-19 Protocol Update – 9

Dear Scouts and Scouters,

 As we near the beginning of the school year, and as the colder weather approaches, we know that many of you are concerned about what Scouting will look like this Fall. We want to let you know that our Risk Management Committee continues to be watchful of local, state, and national news related to the Delta Variant of Covid-19. We believe that our best approach at this point is to follow the recommendations of the CDC and State Health Departments.

The CDC continues to recommend that all eligible people get vaccinated.  We join them in that recommendation. They also recommend that all unvaccinated people wear a face covering when indoors anywhere, whether the establishment requires it or not. Again, we join them in that recommendation. We also ask that you make sure you know what your local government has recommended and has planned for the near term, and that you make sure you know what the school district(s) are doing and your chartered organization is doing to keep people safe and protected.

 As long as the weather holds out, we would recommend that you have as many Scout meetings and activities outside as possible, as it has been shown that the risk of exposure is greatly reduced outside.

We believe that if we do what is right and work hard to follow the guidelines, we will continue to be able to do Scouting throughout the fall and going forward.

We hope for the best for each of you, for your Scouting units, and for our chartered partners.

Scout On!

Michael Jenkins, Scout Executive

Stacey Dennee, Risk Management Chair