Covid-19 Protocol Update

The Governors of both Minnesota and Wisconsin have addressed new Covid-19 concerns this week in light of the significant rise in positive cases and hospitalizations due to the virus. The Governor of Minnesota announced new guidelines related to “social” gatherings, and the Governor of Wisconsin talked about responsibilities citizens have to help slow the spread of the virus. He made some recommendations about how citizens should act and what each person and family should consider.

We were very interested in the specifics of these communications and their collective impact on Scouting here in the VAC. Additionally, many of you have contacted us to inquire about how this would impact your Scouting in your Pack or Troop.

Here is a link to the state website regarding protocols for “Youth and Student Programs”: Having discussed this issue with leaders from other councils in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we believe that the specific rules related to
Scouting programs have not changed.

In light of that information, we want to suggest a few things for your consideration:
• You should always start by considering how an activity or program will affect the health and safety of your Scouts and the people they interact with (extended family and friends).
• You should continue to monitor temperatures, contact tracing issues, current health, and any other fact that may lead to a Scout participating or choosing to self isolate.
• You should continue to follow all hygiene issues that have been magnified by this pandemic: distancing, washing of hands, disinfecting of surfaces, the wearing of face coverings, etc.

Additionally, we are going to require that units not serve food or drink indoors at meetings or activities for the time being. Cooking and having food outdoors can still be a part of your activity. This will lessen the need to remove face coverings in group settings indoors.

Lastly, it is our hope that you all will be blessed with health, safety, and the knowledge that your Scouting family is with you. A hallmark of Scouting is that Scouts learn to do hard things. We will all admit we are learning at an accelerated pace right now.

All my best,

Michael Jenkins – Scout Executive

Covid-19 Protocol Update 11.13.20