Covid-19 Update

The Voyageurs Area Council is moving to the next step of preparation and social distancing amid ongoing issues with the Coronavirus.

Starting Monday, March 23, the Council Service Center will not be open to walk-in traffic at least through April 4.  Work in the building on committee or unit issues, or with any member of the staff, will be by appointment only.  Since almost all of us in the office are working in our own space, members of the staff have been given the option to either work from home or work in the office.  Either way we can continue to participate in social distancing.  It will be important, for the safety of all concerned, that no one arrive at the Council Service Center without an appointment and expect to have entry to the building.  Signs will be posted on the doors and phone numbers available for those that need assistance.

As a reminder for all who might need services or information during this challenging time, please refer to the list below:

Scout Executive: Michael Jenkins           218-464-3000              Executive Services            

District Director: Clark Garthwait           218-409-1600              Arrowhead, Boundary Waters, & Glacial Trails Districts

District Director: Brad Olson                  218-329-1452              Northern Lakes District                                                                                            

Office Manager: Susan Meyer               218-310-8300              Office Services, Scout Shop Services

Financial Clerk: Candy Werner             218-590-5913              Finance issues, Communications

The Council general number is 218-729-5811.

We are all in this together.  Stay safe and healthy.



Michael Jenkins, Scout Executive

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