Covid-19 Update

We are hearing that it may be inevitable that the school systems of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota may be closed for the remainder of the school year. We are learning in new and unusual ways how to participate together in “distance learning” and community activities. I believe that many Scouts BSA Troops and Cub Scout Packs have been on the forefront of that activity and innovation.

Many people have also expressed that they don’t like the term “social distancing” and would prefer instead the term “physical distancing”. We are doing everything we can to remain close and connected socially. For everyone’s mental, social, and even physical health, I encourage us all to continue to look for ways to stay connected.

Questions have been coming in concerning Day Camp activities and Summer Camps. We have received some communication from the National Service Center regarding Summer Camps. The National High Adventure Bases are in the process of hiring, training, and preparing program for this Summer. They encourage all local councils to continue the same process for their Summer Camps. Granted that in the VAC we don’t operate a Summer Camping program, but we continue to Encourage every Scouts BSA Troop to plan and prepare for a Summer Camp adventure this year!

The VAC Day Camps, as scheduled, are still in effect. They are not cancelled. We expect to have registration open and ready to go in the next few days. If the circumstances, restrictions, and government regulations should change, we would certainly entertain full refunds to those that have registered for cancelled events.

Other events include: NYLT, Spring WAC, OA NOAC, the Merit Badge Camp for Aquatics, and some fundraising events. These are all being planned and preparations are underway to have them as scheduled. Updates on all of them will be available regularly. Please encourage your Scouts to look at which activities they would like to participate in when the quarantine is over, and get registered for them now.

We are not turning a blind eye to the realities of our local, national, and world struggles. We do, however, chose to remain optimistic that this too shall pass and we will be able to return to the outdoors where Scouts belong.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Michael Jenkins – Scout Executive