Giving Opportunities

Planned Giving Opportunities – Leaving a Legacy for Scouting 

Consider the following ways to leave a legacy of your own or in memory of a special friend or loved one: 

  • A gift included in your will or living trust can establish a lasting legacy. 
  • A gift of excess retirement funds, such as pension plans or Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), may allow you to give more, while eliminating taxes that may otherwise largely deplete these assets. 
  • A gift of life insurance that has fulfilled its original purpose may offer excellent tax benefits. Policies that you purchased to protect a loved one who no longer needs that protection can be an excellent way to make a gift in honor of that person. 
  • A gift that provides an income can be a tax-effective way to provide you and/or someone else you designate with regular payments for life or other period of time. Check with us or your advisors for more information. 
  • A gift made in any of these ways will serve as your tribute to Scouting or to honor special loved ones. 

Gift in kind 

There are many ways to help out our Council while helping the Scouts save on their operating budget. 

  • Gifts-in-kind is a simple concept whereby the Boy Scouts accept the donation of a product that it would normally have purchased through its annual operating budget. The key is that the donated product meets the specifications of what would have been purchased; making the item donated a “budget relief” for the council. 
  • Specific project support is a concept whereby the Boy Scouts account and credit specific costs related to a program or activity from the operating budget. The costs are separated and written up as a “project” so that the potential donor knows exactly what he or she is supporting financially. This is an excellent way to match donor interests with specific budgetary expenses that are already a part of the council’s operating budget. 

The James E. West Fellowship 

The James E. West Fellowship Award is a national recognition for individuals who contribute $1,000 or more in cash or securities to the Voyageurs Area Council Endowment. 

Donors may choose to make a contribution of $1,000 or more to the endowment fund and have their own James E. West Fellowship Award presented to them as a way to inspire other individuals to contribute to the future of Scouting. Each gift is awarded a certificate and a special square knot to be worn on the Scout field uniform. Individuals are welcome to pledge a gift and make payments over the year. This contribution is in addition to, and does not diminish or replace, the donor’s annual gift to the Council’s Investment in Character Campaign. You may also choose to make a James E. West fellowship gift to honor someone else. Districts volunteers can pool contributions to make a gift in honor of a special leader, or Scout and award it at the District Recognition Dinner. Parents may choose to honor their Eagle Scout or Scoutmaster of their unit. Scout units can choose a leader to honor. Waite Phillips, founder of Waite Phillips Oil Company and donor of Philmont Scout Ranch to the Boy Scouts of America, once said, “It is truly a wise man who can leave something for the future.” Thank you for your consideration of our “Pay it Forward” program and the lasting legacy we can leave for our future Scouts. 

 James E. West Application 

Matching Gift Program 

Each year hundreds of volunteers make contributions to the Voyageurs Area Council and then work with their employer to match their gift. Many companies will do a 2 to 1 match or even 3 to 1 match and some will match your volunteer hours to Scouting. Please investigate this unique opportunity with your employer to see how you can have a bigger impact on Scouting! 

How Can Make a Difference Through Matching Gifts From My Employer? 

Contact your Human Resources Department and fill out a matching gift form to match your Friends of Scouting contribution or for your hours of volunteer service. Submit the form to your company or mail it to the Council depending on the instructions. Once the Council receives the form, we will verify the gift or the hours of service and return to your employer to match your Scouting contribution. You will make an even greater impact on Scouting! To help with this we are asking that everyone write down their employer on the employer name line on you Investment in Character Card. If you are not sure if your company offers a matching gift program we can follow up to try and secure more matching gift funds. 

How do I get my gift matched? 

Each company has its own guidelines for employees, spouses, retirees, and widows/widowers. Most corporate procedures are very simple: 

Request a Matching Form from your company, usually HR or payroll. 

Complete and submit the form to the Voyageurs Area Council with your gift. 

Voyageurs Area Council will verify the completed form and return it to the company. 

The company issues a matching gift contribution to Voyageurs Area Council. 

Click here (need link) for a list of Matching Gift Companies. Please check with your company’s HR Department if they are not listed here. Let us know if we should add your company, or can engage with them on developing a matching program.