Popcorn Sales


Unit Popcorn Kernels need to register the pack or troop, to participate in the 2020 sale and receive communication from the Voyageurs Area Council.




Dates subject to change as we navigate through this unprecidented time.
July 20

Orders are due at 12pm (noon) for those units that want to sell in August

July 23

Popcorn webinar kick-off for all unit kernels at 7pm

August 6-8                     

Select Popcorn Arrives at Council Office for Units to Check Out for Special Events in Communities

August 17 

Show & Sell Orders Due by 12pm (noon)

September 2-4           

Show & Sell Distribution

  • Units that checked out popcornin August can return any product not sold
  • Pick up popcorn for show and sell
October 1-2            

Early Show & Sell return

  • Units can return full cases of any amount of product for a credit
October 24

Super Scouting Saturday

  • Units can return up to 10% of the product they checked out
  • Initial popcorn payments
October 30  

Take order due by 12pm (noon)

November 18-20         

Final order delivery and final payment due to pick up popcorn 


Popcorn Pizza Parties across the council (specifics will be shared in October)

  • Scouts will need to sell $650 in sales to attend for free
  • Scouts will receive an extra prize such as a tubing pass, movie ticket, ect.
  • Scouts that don’t sell $650 will be able to attend for a nominal fee


If you have a popcorn related question, send it to Brad Olson. Answers to frequently asked questions will be posted here.

When can Unit Popcorn Kernels place the initial order?

Kernels will receive an email notification about when orders can be placed online by August 1st.

What do we do with tip money we are given?

Money given as a tip for show and sell or wagon sales at the unit level should go towards the military donations for your unit. 

Can we get Show and Sell Popcorn in August?

We have had a lot of feedback from units last year asking if we can get popcorn in August to be able to sell at big community events. We will have popcorn by August 1st this year that you can check out for any special community events as a pilot program this year. Contact Brad Olson to check this popcorn out. 

When/how do Scouts get take order forms?

Registered Scouts in units will receive an order form by mail the first part of August. 

Units will receive extra order forms (if they have signed up to participate) at the Popcorn Kick-off in their district during the August Roundtable.

What financial information (bank accounts, etc.) do units need to give the council to be able to use the Trail’s End app and accept credit cards?

None. When a Scout uses the Trail’s End app to accept a credit card payment, the funds go to Trail’s End. When they receive the payment, they will credit the unit popcorn invoice for the appropriate amount – reducing the total amount that the unit needs to pay the council. The money from credit card sales will be going to Trail’s End, not the unit bank account.

How do we set-up a Store Front Sale?

Each unit is responsible for setting up locations in their communities for selling show and sell popcorn at a local business or special event. If you are in a community with multiple units, please work with those units to share locations so everyone has an opportunity to sell. If you need assistance contacting other units, please visit with your District Executive. 


Popcorn will be available to pick up in the Districts around September 2-4. Your District Popcorn Kernel will let you know the specifics as it gets closer to this time to schedule a time for pick-up.


When Picking Up Popcorn:

  • Make sure your vehicle is large enough to transport the popcorn safely
  • Have one or two people with you to help load the popcorn in your vehicle
  • Count each case of product as it is loaded in your vehicle
  • When you sign the receipt – you are stating that the quantities listed on the receipt is the exact quantities you received