To provide more localized support to scouting, councils create districts.  Districts are geographical areas of service.  Districts have a volunteer District Committee that provides support to local programs in the areas of membership, finance, and program.  Another group of volunteers called commissioners provide direct service to Scouting programs.

For the purpose of unit service, program administration, membership, and fund development, the council territory is divided geographically into several districts, as determined by the executive board. The supervision of Scouting in each district is exercised by the council through a district committee consisting of all council members residing within the district, chartered organization representatives, and district members at large.

The district chair is nominated and elected by the district members at large. This person’s name is then submitted for election to the council executive board.

Each district also has a commissioner staff that provides a variety of services to help units succeed. The district nominating committee, after consultation with the district executive, recommends a district commissioner to the executive board for
appointment and commissioning.