Ka’Niss Ma’Ingan

2023 Dues

    Lodge Leadership – Key 3

    Kael Keilwitz – Lodge Chief 


    Jason Mangan – Lodge Adviser


    Dom Ippolite – Lodge Staff Adviser


    The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) of Ka’niss Ma’ingan Lodge is run by youth leaders who are Order of the Arrow members from around the council.

    Besides the various lodge leadership positions, for which elections are held annually at spring conclave, there are many committees that help run certain areas of the lodge.  If you are interested in any of the committees listed below, please contact the current Lodge Chief for more information. You can join a committee at any time, and we would really appreciate your help!

    Please contact our Lodge Adviser, Jason Mangan, by email if any information needs to be changed or updated

    Lodge Key 3

    • Lodge Chief – Claire Jarman
    • Immediate Past Lodge Chief – William Munter
    • Lodge Adviser – Jason Mangan
    • Staff Adviser – Dom Ippolite
    • Supreme Chief of the Fire – Brad Olson


    • Vice Chief of Program – Matthew Mangan
      • VCP Adviser – Eric Eskeli
    • Vice Chief of Membership – Kyle Kittelson
      • VCM Adviser – Greg Roberts
    • Vice Chief of Communication – Jeremiah Countryman
      • VCC Adviser – Paul Tokarczyk
    • Vice Chief of Administration – Serena Kallos
      • VCA Adviser – Joe Youngberg

    Chapter Chiefs:

    • Arrowhead – Matthew Mangan
      • AH Adviser – Mike Piette
    • Boundary Waters – Ellie Spaeth
      • BW Adviser – Mark Larson
    • Glacial Trails – Mark Jarman
      • GT Adviser –  Keith Turner
    • Northern Lakes – Zach Roberts
      • NL Adviser – Nicolas Settle

    Appointed Positions:

    • Ceremonies Chief – Mark Jarman
      • Ceremonies Adviser – Chris Jarman


      • Arrowmen Sharing Knowledge Committee
      • Awards & Recognition Committee
      • Camp Promotion & Unit Elections Committee
      • Ceremonies Committee
      • Conclave Planning Committee
      • Design Committee
      • Finance Committee
      • History Committee
      • Membership Committee
      • Order of the Arrow Promotions Committee
      • Publications Committee
      • Training Committee

    Other Positions

      • Lodge Cook & Bottle Washer –

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    Unit Elections – Ceremony

    Unit Elections – Report

    Election Data

    Unit Elections – FAQ

    Adult Nomination – Where to Send Form

    Adult Candidate – Nomination Form

    Camping – OA Promotion and Documentation

    Zero Hero Award



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    Questions or need help, email Ka’Niss Ma’Ingan