Ka’Niss Ma’Ingan

    Lodge Leadership - Key 3

    William Munter – Lodge Chief 

    Bio or Duties

    Ellen Lesch – Lodge Adviser

    Bio or Duties

    Garthwait, Clark (9)

    Clark Garthwait – Lodge Staff Adviser

    Bio or Duties

    The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) of Ka’niss Ma’ingan Lodge is run by youth leaders who are Order of the Arrow members from around the council.

    Besides the various lodge leadership positions, for which elections are held annually at spring conclave, there are many committees that help run certain areas of the lodge. of the lodge. If you are interested in any of the committees listed below, please contact the current Lodge Chief for more information. You can join a committee at any time, and we would really appreciate your help!

    Please contact our Lodge Adviser, Ellen Lesch, by email (eaglehorse3@gmail.com) If any information needs to be changed or updated.

    Lodge Key 3

      • Lodge Chief – William Munter
        • Immediate Past Lodge Chief – Trevor Lesch
      • Lodge Adviser – Ellen Lesch
      • Staff Adviser – Clark Garthwait
      • Supreme Chief of the Fire – Michael Jenkins


      • Vice Chief of Administration – Danny Spaeth
        • Adviser – Dennis Marchetti
      • Secretary – Aiden Yung
        • Adviser – Mara Spaeth
      • Treasurer – Will Munter
        • Adviser – Dena Cyr
      • Vice Chief of Program – Joel Roberts
        • Adviser – Jim Milner
      • Vice Chief of Chapters – Ryan Granquist
        • Adviser – Lee Iverson
      • Chapter Chiefs
        • Arrowhead Chapter Chief – Sam Ward
          • Adviser – Mike Piette
        • Boundary Waters Chapter Chief – Missy Larson
          • Adviser – Joel Spaeth
        • Glacial Trails Chapter Chief – Micah Overtoom
          • Adviser – Dan Kittleson
        • Northern Lakes Chapter Chief – Daniel Roberts
          • Adviser – Pat Brown


      • Arrowmen Sharing Knowledge Committee
      • Awards & Recognition Committee
      • Camp Promotion & Unit Elections Committee
      • Ceremonies Committee
      • Conclave Planning Committee
      • Design Committee
      • Finance Committee
      • History Committee
      • Membership Committee
      • Order of the Arrow Promotions Committee
      • Publications Committee
      • Training Committee

    Other Positions

      • Lodge Cook & Bottle Washer – Brian Hopkins