Step 2 to Step 3

The Executive Board of the Voyageurs Area Council met Tuesday night in its regular Board Meeting.  One of the important topics of discussion was the Covid-19 related plan for re-opening the Council.  Specifically, the Board addressed the issue of units beginning to meet again “in person”, or Step 3 of the plan.

Some highlights of Step 3:  “Notifications will include any remaining restrictions or guidance…”, and “Step 3 may have several phases”.

The Board came to an agreement that the first phase of Step 3 can begin on June 1.  We recognize that Wisconsin’s stay at home order has been overturned by the Supreme Court of the state and that Minnesota’s stay at home order has been lifted with restrictions.  We have also reviewed CDC guidelines and what they are calling “recommendations”.  All of that was taken into account in setting a path forward.  We also recognize the request for more communication and specific examples of what the rules may mean.  The Council president has requested that the Risk Management Committee of the Council present recommendations to the Board by May 28 for what will be allowed by units on June 1st and any other appropriate dates and phases to Step 3 that can be reasonably planned out at this time.

We are concerned that all of our Scouts and Scouters can be safe and healthy, and particularly that none of our policies will contribute to undue risk.  We are also interested in getting our units back together and Scouts back into the out of doors.

Some units have put together service projects, which have been encouraged by the Council.  When participating we ask that you do these in family groupings, continue to practice safe distancing, and be sensitive to everyone’s ideas of what is appropriate.  Please do not move to organized meetings in any enclosed space until we have further guidance for you as to what will be allowed on June 1st.

As of Tuesday, May 26 we will be at Step 2 here at the office.  The Scout Store will be open without an appointment (in keeping with retail store policies set by the Governor of Minnesota), though a face covering will be required.  We are also preparing a companion document that outlines procedures for using our camp properties.  That will be available in the next few days.

Yours in Scouting,

Michael Jenkins – Scout Executive