Trick-or-Treat Recruitment Resources

Trick-or-Treat Recruitment Coupons

What a better way to recruit kids into scouting then attaching an amazing treat to a physical treat to every kid that knocks on your door or rings your door bell!

Our marketing gal specifically designed these coupons to be light on ink but eye catching for the kid to show their parent, “Hey look at this, let’s find out what our treat is!”  This one sheet, fits perfectly on a standard sheet of printer paper with roughly 1″ margins all the way around.  Which makes them business card size. Just click on the image to download.

To really make these coupons stand out, we suggest printing them on some colored paper. If you can take the time to staple or tape to a piece of candy and add to your bowl, this could be the treat of the year for all of us (increased enrollment, means more parents to help with filling den leader positions, committee member positions, and so much more!)

Maybe your unit is participating in a Trunk-or-Treat, use them there too!  If you’re not, almost every community has them and the more the merrier!  I bet your unit could participate!  If you need help finding one, email Jenni our marketing gal and she’ll help you out!


How does the Coupon Work?

Simple.  Open the camera app on any smart phone or tablet and hover over the QR code.  Click on the link and it will direct you to a landing page with a fun, short, to the point video of your treat.  Scouting was affordable to begin with, but by the time you compare our awesome program with say any sport activity, now the deal has become sweeter.  Try it out yourself, but don’t spoil the fun, let your scout and parent find out for themselves!